Thiết kế website công ty Vina-Tech Corporation

Thiết kế website công ty Vina-Tech Corporation

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Thiết kế website Vina-Tech Corporation

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We would like to partner with you to provide the knowledge to your team, to reduce your cost of quality and to enhance the overall quality of your products. We have trained many professionals and worked with employers and helped them stay on the cutting edge, especially of IT advancements. Let us help you and make you a better engineer today. VINA-TECH Technical training mission is to broaden your education, to enhance your professional skills and to equip you with the right tools, enabling you not only to effectively & efficiently perform your function, but also to further enjoy your work and to successfully accomplish your goals. Our training programs are designed specifically to meet the demands placed on today’s workforce. We recognize your unique requirements, select the best approach and integrate your training objectives to maximize employee effectiveness and productivity. Our knowledgeable and skilled instructors / mentors are not only experts in their disciplines who enthusiastically encourage & involve the participants in their learning process, but also are experienced working professionals who focus on ensuring you of an improved ROI on your training investment, with positive result to your bottom line.

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Tel : (028) 2200 5616

Hotline: 0909 086 339

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